Tuesday, May 08, 2007

He's No Lady

Disclaimer: After reading my reader's comments, I realize that I may need to clarify this post. This post was written for a specific person who decided to attempt to sue me in front of 10 million people (you can rack your mind for the various court shows that are on television right now), and I found it quite funny that he can't move on with his life. He is a LadyBoy.

Dear Diary,

He should be stronger than me because he's been here ten years longer than me.

Doesn't he know he's supposed to be "the man", and not pale in comparison to who he thinks I am?

I feel like a lady, but he's a Ladyboy...

and he should be stronger than me.

Why does he always put me in control?

I always have to comfort him every day.

Is he gay?

I feel like a lady,

but he acts like a LadyBoy...

Who's Emotionally and Mentally Stronger: Men or Women?

I love you Amy W.! Thanks for your great words!

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