Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rug Burned

Dear Diary,
When I was 17 I had a boyfriend whose initials were JJ.
JJ had a mother with a perfect house. Perfect. Everything was white; the sofa, the armchair, the carpet, the dining room table, the chairs. White.
One time I went to visit JJ. We were upstairs in his sister's room eating hot dogs and drinking root beer.
When we finished eating I said, "We better take our plates downstairs before your mom gets home and trips about the mess we made."
"Yeah, you're right," he said, and we walked out of the room.
I walked in front of him, down the perfectly white carpeted steps. He followed behind me.
Suddenly he said, "Oh, did you hear? Kurt Cobain killed himself."
"What??!!" I said, swiveling my feet around on those slippery, white carpeted steps.
And there I went...down, down, down the steps, on my back, the skin ripping from the muscle like a banana being peeled. The root beer and ketchup flew out of my hands and splattered all over the walls, carpet, and furniture.
I tumbled down the steps, screaming in agony. "My back!! My back!!"
And JJ...guess what he did?
He stepped over my limp body, ran to the kitchen...
...and began cleaning the carpet.
"My mom's going to kill me! Shit! My mom's going to freak the f*** out!"
"My back...my back..." I whimpered. "I think it's broken...my skin; its, its burning."
"Get up and help me clean. My mom's going to be back any minute. Shit!"
I slowly got up and was surprised to find out I wasn't paralyzed. I touched the skin on my back and it was wet. My skin was stripped raw.
It wasn't until I was up limping to the bathroom that JJ realized that his mother's carpet wasn't nearly as important as my ability to walk. He jumped up from his scrubbing long enough to take a look at my back and say,
"Damn, that's going to leave a nasty scar."
What's Your Most Memorable Injury?

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