Friday, April 27, 2007


You know how it happens when you are bored and sitting in your therapist/gynecologist/dentist's office and reach for that People/US/National Enquirer to read all about how Nicole/Lindsay/Calista are near death, and Britney is a weirdo, and Demi and Ashton are about to break up?
You know how suddenly interested you become in other people's business, thumbing through the magazine, reading about the latest "gossip", "break-ups", and rehab trips?
And then the receptionist for your therapist/gynecologist/dentist calls your name and you drop the magazine, forgetting all about their problems, but also assuming that most of it is true because...well, its written in a magazine.
This blog is kind of like those magazines.
Don't get all excited and believe that this is really a diary. This blog is for entertainment purposes, for discussion, for self-evaluation.
I am Jaimie, the author of this blog.
And I am also an anorexic, alcoholic, drug addicted tramp who plans on stealing Ashton Kutcher from that old bitch Demi one day soon.
What Is The Purpose Of Your Blog?

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