Monday, January 22, 2007

In Praise of Difficult Women

Dear Diary,

In high school I had a boyfriend that all the girls wanted.

I mean, he was the cutest half Mexican, half Scottish boy in the school. He was a football player. He was popular. And he was FINE.

We met, liked each other, and were instantly boyfriend and girlfriend.

I was so proud of my newfound relationship, that I wrote on the girl's bathroom wall, near the paper towel dispenser:

Salvador + Jaimie=Forever

A few days later my friend and I were in the bathroom, washing our hands. We walked to dry our hands and saw what I wrote, with my name crossed out, and over my name was scribbled...


Yes, I can be a bitch at times, especially when I'm hungry or sleepy. Or when I have a headache and you're getting on my last nerve.

But just because I was dating the hottest boy in school did not make me a Bitch. And, we must remember, high school girls' experience with bitches is limited to their past 14-18 years,and not a lifetime of knowing women.

But every woman has a little Bitch in them.


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