Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thou Shall Be Judged

Recently, I found myself in court (but not because of the reason in the post below).

While waiting for the judge to read my reason for being in court (and believe me, it was a juicy reason), I had to sit and listen to three small claim cases.

Boy, they were entertaining.

Case #1: Funeral Home vs. Poor Mexican Woman with No Money

A funeral home was suing a woman who wrote a bad check for $5000 to bury her father. The woman claimed (through a translater) that she did not "knowingly" write the check, but rather her neice shoved the check in her hand, and in her grief, signed her name.

The judge ordered her to pay $5000.

Case #2: Rich Black Dentist and his Rich Wife vs. Poor Black Man who Had Much Needed Dental Work Done

A dentist was suing a young man who wrote a bad check for $2500 to have dental work done. And what made it better, the dentist was also suing for another $2500 in "punitive damages". The judge threw that notion out, and decided not to put a judgement against the man, and ordered the man and dentist work it out among themselves.

Case #3: Motorcycle Custom Designer vs. Some Couple Who Have A Business Sending Parts through Customs

This was by far the most boring, long, confusing cases of them all. It had something to do with the designer wanting to build a motorcycle by the time there was a big biker rally, and the couple didn't send the parts in time, and blah, blah, blah. Finally, the judge told him that the testimonies were going on too long, and a woman shouted out "Thank God!" from her seat.

Have You Ever Been In Court?

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Order In The Court

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Jaimie: I do.

Judge: Ok. Tell me what happened.

Jaimie: I was really young, with such innocent eyes. I always dreamt of a fairy tale life, and all of the things that his money could buy...

Judge: Go on...

Jaimie: I thought that he was a wonderful guy.

Judge: What happened?

Jaimie: Suddenly, things seemed to change. Actually, it was the moment I took on his name. He took his anger out on my face, but I kept all of the pain locked away.

Judge: So you left?

Jaimie: It was the day that he turned on our kid that I just knew I had to leave him. There were so many voices inside of my head, saying over and over and over, "You deserve much more than this."

Judge: And you did.

Jaimie: I was so sick of believing the lives and trying to hide, covering up the cuts and the bruises; so tired of defending my life. I could have died for the life of my daughter.

Judge: Divorce granted. Sole physical custody awarded to the mother. Child support set at the ordered amount.

Why Is Love Blind?

Thanks, again, to Christina Aguilera for help with this post.

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