Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Joseph Pilates

I've always been obsessed with my stomach. When I was in high school I actually loved doing sit-ups, usually doing 100 a day.

As soon as my daughter was 6 weeks old I began working again on my stomach. Pilates became my best friend.

I had always been known to have a tight, sexy tummy. I wasn't going to let a little baby stand in the way of achieving what had always been my body's shining glory.

I managed to get the tummy as back to normal as it could possibly get, considering that it had held a nearly 8 pound, 19 inch human being.

To me, flat or with some meat on it, the tummy is the sexiest part of a woman's body.

What Is The Best Part of A Woman's Body?

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Man's Job Is Never Done

I made him think that he didn't understand.

I used to think that happiness could only be something that happened to somebody else.

Everybody believed, everybody but me

I've been hurt so many times before that my hopes were dying

But then he came into my life and he opened up my softer side

There were many walls he had to climb if he really wanted to be mine.

After all the hoops I put him through...

Now I see that I'm in love with him

Now, I hope he finally understands...

Why Do We Make Others Work For Our Love?

Thanks to Christina Aguilera for help with the words.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006


After picking James up from work one night I said, "Why don't we visit the neighborhood sex shop?"

"Um, okay," he said.

We walked in the door and I suddenly felt so shy. I found it hard to make eye contact with the salesgirls, especially when they kept coming up to us to ask us what we were interested in and if we would like "to see anything out of its box."

James seemed to be highly interested in the S & M products, but I managed to divert his attention to the sexy outfits. "What about this naughty school girl one?" I asked hopefully.

Here comes the sales girl again...

"Would you like to see that out of the box?"

"Sure," we said.

She led us to the counter and opened up the costume. It was very sexy, but we decided against it until next time.

We ended up spending $50 in the store. What did we buy?

That's our little secret...

Do You Use Toys?

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Once Upon A Time

Here is a picture of my parents.

4 years after this picture was taken, they were divorced.

I suppose my father's cheating may have had something to do with their downfall.

Or it possibly may have been my mother's controlling behavior.

Whatever the cause, they didn't last, and my mother was devastated. There she was, alone with three kids, and a fantasy that she had created in her mind was now completely over.

People often wonder about soul mates: Do they exist? Will I ever find mine?

In my opinion, I don't know if I believe in soul mates.

I do believe that we find someone who we are the most compatible with, and manage to love through it all.

And if we're lucky, they'll stick around forever.

Do You Believe There Is One Person In The World Made Just For You?

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

When I was growing up, my mom had a friend named Trina.

Trina was white, but insisted on only dating black men.

"Why does Trina only date black guys?" I would ask my mom.

"That's just what she likes. I can't even imagine her with a white guy," my mom answered.

I once went out on a date with a black man who told me he only dated white and Latino women. He kept commenting about how surprised he was at my beauty and my niceness, considering...

I was a black woman.

Needless to say, I never saw him again.

What Do You Think of People Who ONLY Date Outside of Their Race?

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Country Tis Of Thee

Everyone who meets James, reads his blog, or has the pleasure of being in his company always tell me one thing:

You are so lucky to have met such a wonderful man.

And of course, anyone who lives in L.A. is shocked and awed that such a man exists in the City of Angels.

L.A. is infamous for producing men and women who are "Hollywood", materialistic and cell-phone attached robots with no soul.

Yes, I am a Los Angeles native, but James is not.

James is a midwestern boy, raised with Southern hospitality.

And, he is the furthest thing from Hollywood you can find.

Which could be, quite possibly, the reason he is the man who he is.

Which Region of Our Country Produces the Highest Quality Men?

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