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Living in L.A., you're bound to run into a celebrity or two. Not everyone can say that they have dated them.

All names have been withheld to protect the guilty.

Celebrity #1: I was 17. He was a rapper.

I went to a dance club with some girls who were older than me. I walked away from them for a while, and when I came back he was there talking to my girls. He looked up at me as I was walking towards them.

"Jaimie! Look at this picture that (name withheld) has. It looks just like you!" my girl said.

He held the picture out to me. "She looks nothing like me," I said.

He laughed. "What's your name?" he asked.


"Well, Jaimie, my boys and I are going a hotel after this. Wanna come?"

"No. I'm not that kind of girl."

My friend pulled me to the side, convincing me that it would be okay if we were all there together. As we all walked outside, he pulled me aside as well. "Want to ride in the limo with me?"

"No. I should stay with my friends. We'll follow you there."

And so we did. He and I sat on the back steps of the hotel and talked for a long time. After, he rode the elevator down with us. As I got close to the exit, he called out to me. He wanted to see me again.

I did, for a few months. He bought me clothes and shoes. He introduced me to other famous rappers. Then he told me I was too young for him.

He told me I was just a kid. And I was.

Celebrity #2: I was in college. He was part of an up and coming rap group, who have now sold millions of records world wide.

I was at one of their performances, sitting a few rows behind the stage. His group members were talking to my friends. He and I both held back, observing. Finally, he spoke:

"You look like Sade."

"Nigga, do you know how many times she probably hears that?" his group member said, hitting his arm.

We walked outside and talked. He asked me for my phone number. I gave it to him.

We dated for a few months. He was confusing. He was unsettled. He was focused on his music. I was focused on my college degree. It ended abruptly and without apology.

Celebrity #3: I had already started my teaching career. He is an on-air personality for one of the most popular hip hop and r&b radio stations in Los Angeles.

It was New Year's Eve and I was at a party. When the clock struck midnight, some random guy grabbed me and kissed me. My eyes were open, and when I looked across the floor, a different man was staring at me.

I sat down and he came over to me.

"How are you?" he asked.

"I have a headache. I drank too much. Some guy just kissed me. I don't know."

"I know. I saw that. I felt jealous."

"Jealous? I don't even know you!"

We were together for a year. He was insanely jealous, although I had to deal with women all over him, passing him their phone number, promising him threesomes with their best friend if he would just call.

And he was jealous of me...

Would You Ever Date A Celebrity?

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