Monday, August 28, 2006

The Problem With Blood

My daughter's father has a slight problem:

He's mentally ill.

I suppose the signs were there early, but I didn't know what they meant.

For example, he would disappear for hours, gamble our money away and not remember...

...and then days later be in the bed depressed and crying.

And then there was the paranoia... when he insisted that someone broke into our house while we were sleeping and left termites in our kitchen. How ridiculous, I told him, We have termites because of all of the wood cabinets and paneling in this apartment.

...or when he insisted that the security guards outside of a bank on Manchester Boulevard were actually planning on robbing the bank, and were "casing the joint", as he would tell me. No, I would insist, They're security guards.

Now, that I am divorced and away to look at his behaviour objectively, I know the truth.

He has bipolar disorder. He has massive, angry, delusional mood swings that effect everyone who loves him, and then after deconstructing relationships, falls to the ground exhausted, hurting, and depressed.

The problem with blood is that he inherited this disease. His mother robbed banks, then decided to traffic drugs. She was a sociopath, hellbent on destruction and living on the edge.

And my blood isn't all that pure either: depression, panic disorder, and borderline personalities run through my family as well.

Now, if I can just manage to save my daughter's blood...

Do You Know Anyone Afflicted With A Mental Illness?

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