Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Peek A Boo, I Know You

It's always been there.

Sometimes I ignore it.

Sometimes I don't.

Once, I went to the horse races with a friend. "Mike says to ask you who's going to win the race," she said.

"Oh really? How would I know?" I answered.

"Mike says he can tell that you just know things like that. So, who's gonna win Jaimie?" She shoved the program at me. I looked at the horses' names.

"This one," I said, pointing to a horse and handing her back the program.

The horse won.

I can pass by a person and know things, without knowing them. I can know if they have done something horrible to someone else...I can know other things too.

Recently, the California Lottery jackpot was over 100 million dollars. I filled out the lotto card and kept seeing the numbers 2 and 8 in my head. I dismissed it quickly. February 8 is my ex-husband's birthday, so I defintely wasn't going to play those numbers. I bubbled in my usual numbers.

Needless to say, I didn't win, but 2 and 8 were part of the winning numbers.


Don't worry...I don't see dead people. Well, okay, maybe one, but he meant well. He floated along, right past my grandmother's bedroom door while we slept. Hi, Granpa.

And my daughter? She likes to tell me things like "The angels gave me the answer, Mommy" and "People are afraid of God because they don't understand him."

Yeah, she's got The Gift too.

Do You Have The Gift?

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