Sunday, July 16, 2006

You Used to Love Me

Considering that I have been teaching Kindergarten for 8 years, I have seen a lot of students grow up before my eyes. Who I find the most interesting are the boys.

Let's consider a student who I had in my class this year. We'll call him "E" to protect his reputation.

"E" liked to make me happy. He liked for me to acknowledge everything he did right. He absolutely loved to give me hugs.

One day "E" brought me flowers before school. "Thank you," I said, placing the flowers on my desk.

The class sat on the rug and we began our opening activities. "E"'s hand shot up in the air. "Uh, Ms. L, are you going to tell everyone about the flowers I brought you?"

"Now?" I asked. "Ok, everyone, "E" brought me lovely flowers today. Thank you. Let's continue with the Calendar. What day is it today class?"

"Ms. L?" It was "E" again.


"Will you tell everyone how much you love the flowers?"

And so, to boost "E"'s longing for recognition, I told the class about how much I love the flowers.

Fast Forward 6 years...

Suddenly, boys who used to "love me", bring me flowers, apples, and presents look down when I pass them in the hall.

"Didn't you used to teach him?" my coworker asks.

"Yeah," I said, "And him, and him, and him over there too. They act like they don't know me anymore. I remember every single one of them, but I can't even get them to look me in the eye now."

"They're probably embarrassed," she said. "I mean, think about it...they're practically 12 year olds, they probably had a crush on you, and not only that, they have to see you walking the halls every day. They know that you know that they loved you." She laughed.

Did You Ever Have a Crush On One of Your Teachers?

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