Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Interview

I've grown to like Bossmack. I think its so cute that he has shirts made with his name on them, and I have much respect for him for showing up at the West Coast Blogging Hotties Dinner, in full effect (although I wasn't there). If the name Bossmack is new to you, he is a man who dedicates his entire blog to his bitches. Yup.

Here is a repost of my interview with him.


Jaimie: What is your first name?

Bossmack: James

Jaimie: Where were you born?

Bossmack: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jaimie: Tell me how old you are.

Bossmack: 32

Jaimie: Tell me what your blog is about.

Bossmack: My blog is about the adventures of Tha BossMack TopSoil, a Mackman; not a pimp. There's a difference, but I'll elaborate on that later. My blog also is a discussion in techniques that can be used to gain an edge on your mate, specifically women, however some of the techniques discussed here can be used on men by women. On a deeper level I feel I give the readers a certain view of the inner urban Los Angeles cityscape, which includes Long Beach, Compton, Watts etc.

It is my intention to shock the readers with vulgar language, and vivid character portrayals. The writing is real, yet it almost always comes off as humorous.

I would also like to add, the way I write on the blog is like the way I talk to one of my Niggas on the street, straight hard conversation.

Jaimie: Has anyone ever gotten really angry at you for what you write on your blog?

Bossmack: Yes, you. I remember when you seemed like you were upset with me. All I did was notice that you were from Los Angeles, and that you were a professional, so I offered to put you on the guest list for the Conga Room on Saturday Nights. You went on to shit all over me, like I had called you a bitch or tried to get at you. I thought it was funny. I appreciated the post you dedicated to me also. I know I kind of went on a tangent there, but yes people do get upset, and it's expected.

Jaimie: From what you know of me, would you refer to me as a bitch, like "I like that bitch Jaimie's blog," ?

Bossmack: LMBAO! You know what, I have already done that. When you wrote that post "Beat Him Up!", I told my Niggas, "Look at this bitch right here, she hates my guts and she doesn't even know me". So I started reading your blog everyday, and thus I came to respect your writing and perspective of life, so now I say "Jaimie is a sagacious bitch for real, I like her blog". Don't be offended.

Jaimie: I'll try not to be. Would you ever call me a bitch to my face?

Bossmack: It is in the realm of possibility, but highly doubtful. You would have to say some ugly things to me first, and thus force me into a position of defending myself. I would like to say this, judging from the way you handle your dude right now, I really doubt I would say that to you.

Jaimie: What makes a woman a bitch?

Bossmack: In my opinion the word "Bitch" is like the word "Nigga". They both have a huge dynamic range of context. Both words can be used with extreme love, and both can be used with extreme hate. I love that about both words.

When I was small, about 7 years old, I used to watch my uncle handle women. He was a pimp for a minute back in the day. He never called women "Bitches" when he knew I was around, but somtimes I'd be around and he didn't know it, and it always fascinated me the effect that that word had on women when he said it.

So I started going around calling women bitches, just to see them get mad. I found out the hard way not to call Moms that. I called her a "Bitch" one day under my breath and I thought she slapped my head off.

Now at the same time, I have heard many women call each other bitches with love. I believe words are vehicles for emotion. I also feel that all women have to be bitches everyday to a degree just to defend themselves inthe world on a daily basis.

I'm sure from time to time as a teacher you have to act like a bitch toward the administration, or else they would run you over or take your needs for granted. So therefore, all women have a degree of "Bitch" in them. Shit, some Niggas is Bitches too.

Jaimie: If you had to choose between a lifetime of good sex with random women or a lifetime of being with one companion who was your best friend and lover, what would you choose?

Bossmack: Hmmmm, I really don't have sex with random women now. I have a set of females I deal with, but it takes me a while to have sex with a new female. I am loquacious. I need to know a lot about my females. I am going to end up with one female in the end. Thats what happens to all Macks eventually. Macking is not really about having sex. It's really about conversation and the promise of sex.

Jaimie: Have you ever been in a serious relationship for a long time?

Bossmack: Yes I have, and it turned me into who I am today. I have been in love with love, ya dig? It's like you know, your first big love, you don't know what you would do without this person. If they deficated it would smell like Channel perfume to you. In the end it was brutal, yet it had to happen. I used to be a sucka, but I still had principles. I stood on principle and suffered a horrible heartbreak, yet I came out at the other end relucent.

Jaimie: Would you say your heartbreak led to your misogynist view of women?

Bossmack: I would say my heartbreak made me realize certain things about relationships. My mysogynist views have been strong since I was small. I have seen women destroy weak men, many times.

Jaimie: Thank you Bossmack.

Bossmack: Much Love. Keep doing what you do!

What Do You Think of Bossmack?

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