Monday, June 12, 2006

Vegas, Baby

I bought a card for my coworker. It was a cartoon drawing of an old white lady pushing a grocery cart down an aisle. She is being flashed by a naked white man. She says to him:

"Thank you my dear. I almost forgot to buy the baby carrots." I thought it was hilarious.

I showed the card to James. He appeared confused.

"She's telling him he has a small penis," I said.

"Oh, okay, that's funny," he answered.

I gave the card to my coworker, and she showed it to another one of our coworkers.

"Well, it's true. White men do have small penises," she said. "Actually, I don't know that for a fact, since I've never been with one, but I heard they do. Jaimie would know. Jaimie, do white guys have small penises?"

"What makes you think I'm the expert?" I asked.

"Well..." she said, waiting for an answer, tapping her foot.

"I've only been with two, and one was half Mexican, so he doesn't really count. They both had large penises. It's kinda the luck of the draw, I guess. A crap shoot. You never know."

"Well, I'm sticking with black men, 'cuz there's no Vegas odds with them," she said. "It's always big."

Do Black Men Always Have Large Penises?

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