Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mommy Dearest

Recently I was at a store.

I heard a woman talking. Loudly.

"He thinks he can have anything he wants. He tells me he wants me to buy a house. Can you believe that shit? What? Does he think I'm made of money?"

I turn around and look at the woman. She is speaking to the cashier about her 8 year old son, who is standing beside her.

I walk out of the store and they were behind me.

"You're good for nothing. And all you're going to get is those chips in your hand. Don't ask me for another damn thing. Shit, I can't stand you sometimes! Don't say a damn word! Get your ass in the car and don't say a damn word!"

I turned around and looked at the boy.

He never said one word.

I thought to myself, This boy is going to grow up hating black women.

When James came home I talked to him about it.

"So what do you thing about my theory? Do you think black mothers are responsible for the way their sons grow up to mistreat black women?"

"Yes," he said, "I think so."

Are Black Mothers to Blame for How Their Sons Treat Black Women?

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