Wednesday, May 10, 2006

White Nights

As a young woman, I have spent many a night in a dance club.

There is one night in particular I remember fondly.

My girls and I went to a club in LA which will remain nameless. We brought along our "cool white girl" friend. This girl could dance like you wouldn't believe, and not only that, she loved black men. Who better to take to a predominately black, hip hop/r&b club than a down white girl?

As soon as we walked in she said (pouting):

"Uh, I'm like, the only white girl in here. Everyone's going to hate me."

"You'll be fine," I said, patting her hand. "Oh, I think that dude over there wants to dance with me. Be right back."

"Ok," she said, frowning.

Within 10 minutes we had all found a dance partner except Cool White Girl.

I found her in the bathroom crying.

"No one will dance with meeeeee!!!" she wailed. "I mean, are they like, assuming, that since I'm white I can't dance? Or is that they don't want to be the one dancing with the white girl?"

"Don't worry," my friend said. "We'll find someone who'll dance with you," she said, grabbing her hand.

Cool White Girl ended up dancing with a man in a wheelchair.

I think he fell in love that night.

What Was Your Best Night Out?

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