Friday, May 12, 2006


Dear Queen,

It's me.

You're dead now. Laying deep in the soil. Maggots making a home in your body, nestling within your flesh.

You deserve it.

I wasn't going to cause you any harm. How could you be so jealous of me? I was only 16. I was just discovering who I was...

How could you send the huntsman out to kill me? He had the knife right there at my heart, ready to remove my life source...but he felt guilty. He couldn't do it. He saw my tears, and he let me go.

The dwarfs found me, laying dehydrated in the woods. They carried me to their home and nursed me to health. They didn't want to leave me alone, but they had to go to work.

That was when you got me.

I still remember the taste of the apple. I'll never forget this experience. At first it was sweet, and then suddenly bitter. As it went down my throat it felt like shards of glass; and once it hit my stomach, I felt my intestines twist in pain...a pain I could have never known before.

I remember falling to the ground. I remember dreaming beautiful, and at the same time, horrible dreams without end. I remember feeling seasons change around me, but not being able to open my eyes. I remember hearing voices, laments, screams, sighs. I wanted so much to scream, "I'm here! I can hear you! I'm not dead!" But...I couldn't.

You would be disgusted to know, dear, dead Queen, that I am now married to a Prince, and alive and well. I have held my reign, while you rot in God's soil.

Good will always surpass evil.

Immortally Yours,


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