Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Eve Was Framed

I would never want to be a man.

I love being a woman...but there are some things that are rather, well...difficult.


1. Most of us don't look that great without a little make-up.

2. Greater America views us as sex objects, more so now than ever.

3. Periods. Cycles. Times of the Month. Rags.

4. The pain of childbirth.

5. We make less money.

6. We're single, with children.

7. We are blamed for the fall of man.

What is the worst thing about being a woman/man?

"In passing, also, I would like to say that the first time Adam had a chance he laid the blame on a woman."

—Nancy Astor (British Politician)

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


1. Would you rather live loveless?

2. Would you live for me?

3. Would you climb the highest mountain?

4. Would you swim the deepest sea?

5. Would you put your life on the line?

6. Am I worth the late night phone call (when you really want to be asleep)?

7. What would you give?

8. What would it take?

I need to know...

Am I Worth It?

Thanks, Heather.

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Friday, May 12, 2006


Dear Queen,

It's me.

You're dead now. Laying deep in the soil. Maggots making a home in your body, nestling within your flesh.

You deserve it.

I wasn't going to cause you any harm. How could you be so jealous of me? I was only 16. I was just discovering who I was...

How could you send the huntsman out to kill me? He had the knife right there at my heart, ready to remove my life source...but he felt guilty. He couldn't do it. He saw my tears, and he let me go.

The dwarfs found me, laying dehydrated in the woods. They carried me to their home and nursed me to health. They didn't want to leave me alone, but they had to go to work.

That was when you got me.

I still remember the taste of the apple. I'll never forget this experience. At first it was sweet, and then suddenly bitter. As it went down my throat it felt like shards of glass; and once it hit my stomach, I felt my intestines twist in pain...a pain I could have never known before.

I remember falling to the ground. I remember dreaming beautiful, and at the same time, horrible dreams without end. I remember feeling seasons change around me, but not being able to open my eyes. I remember hearing voices, laments, screams, sighs. I wanted so much to scream, "I'm here! I can hear you! I'm not dead!" But...I couldn't.

You would be disgusted to know, dear, dead Queen, that I am now married to a Prince, and alive and well. I have held my reign, while you rot in God's soil.

Good will always surpass evil.

Immortally Yours,


What's the Best Fairy Tale of All Time?

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

White Nights

As a young woman, I have spent many a night in a dance club.

There is one night in particular I remember fondly.

My girls and I went to a club in LA which will remain nameless. We brought along our "cool white girl" friend. This girl could dance like you wouldn't believe, and not only that, she loved black men. Who better to take to a predominately black, hip hop/r&b club than a down white girl?

As soon as we walked in she said (pouting):

"Uh, I'm like, the only white girl in here. Everyone's going to hate me."

"You'll be fine," I said, patting her hand. "Oh, I think that dude over there wants to dance with me. Be right back."

"Ok," she said, frowning.

Within 10 minutes we had all found a dance partner except Cool White Girl.

I found her in the bathroom crying.

"No one will dance with meeeeee!!!" she wailed. "I mean, are they like, assuming, that since I'm white I can't dance? Or is that they don't want to be the one dancing with the white girl?"

"Don't worry," my friend said. "We'll find someone who'll dance with you," she said, grabbing her hand.

Cool White Girl ended up dancing with a man in a wheelchair.

I think he fell in love that night.

What Was Your Best Night Out?

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Saturday, May 06, 2006


I used to sleep with a knife and a cell phone under my bed.

I wasn't really sure if my ex-husband was going to kill me, but I practiced whipping out the knife quick enough to stab him before he got to me first. I kept the cell phone under my bed just in case I needed to make a quick emergency phone call. My best friend, who wanted me to leave him, said, "Well, that's the least you can do."

My ex-husband was physically violent a few times, but verbally and emotionally abusive all of the time. And when he couldn't remember strangling me, I felt highly alarmed. Yes, he was drunk at the time, but I couldn't comprehend a man who could not remember that he nearly took the life of his wife.

One day, very clearly, I heard the voice of God in my head:

Leave him. Leave him now. If you do not, you will horribly damaged.

I didn't listen to Him right away. It took me a few months. And after I did, His voice quieted down, and he watched and waited...and wondered...

Will she go back to him?

No. Never.

God whispers to you. The whisper becomes a problem. The problem becomes a crisis.

The crisis becomes a disaster.

This post is dedicated to Yvette Cade.

Why do Some Men Abuse Women?

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