Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There Is No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

In my daughter's 4 short years on this planet, she's asked some very, um, interesting questions, such as:

"Why don't I have 6 fingers?" Answer: Because we would look like aliens if we did.

"When you die, what's going to happen to your car?" Answer: Hopefully, my car will die before I do. Hey, are you trying to get dibs on the Cadi already?

"Candy is bad for you and makes your teeth fall out....(3 minutes later)...Can I have a piece of candy Mommy?" Answer: No.

"Will I look like you when I'm a grown up?" Answer: Yes. But hopefully you'll be taller.

"Why doesn't my daddy like Jimmy (James Manning)?" Answer: Because he's a jealous, insecure asshole who feels intimidated because of his innate shortcomings. Oops...Did I say that out loud?

"Why do I have to go to school? I don't want to go to school. Why can't I stay home?" Answer: You want to end up like your dad? Oops...said it out loud again.

"When I get older can I wear a bikini like you?" Answer: No. Well, ok, but only if you're married.

"I don't see God anywhere. Can he see me?" Answer: Yeah. So you better be good.

"Can I marry you?" Answer: No, honey. That's just weird. And illegal. Next question.

"Will you always love me?" Answer: Always.

I wish I was a kid again, full of curiosity and wonder. What did you wonder about when you were a child?

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