Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Love Below

Soon after James and I met he said, "You have a nice ATW."

"What is that?" I asked.

" A nice ass-to-waist ratio."

"Oh," I said blushing.

"Yeah, you know. Your hips are bigger than your waist, giving you that shape."

"Ok, thanks, " I mumbled. "But really, I don't like my butt. I think it's too big for my body."

I'm not very big. I got my small frame from my mom. I have my father's side of the family to thank for the butt.

I too find myself looking at women's bodies and measuring their ass-to-waist ratio. If they were to buy jeans from the Gap, would they buy curvy or straight?

I have a hard time finding pants that fit me. They are too big in the waist, and too small in the butt and hips. Levi's are the only jeans that fit me well, and only the low cut waist so that they can sit on my hips.

Men love a woman with a curvy body. When Salma Hayek appeared on the screen during the Oscars, suddenly James seemed very interested in what she had to say. I asked him a question, and he mumbled some hard to hear remark back to me, whispering "Oh yeah, Salma, I think I know who she is...uh huh..."

Why Do Men Love Butts? And What Do They Want To Do To Them?

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