Saturday, March 04, 2006

F***ing Cowards

as·sump·tion : Something taken for granted or accepted as true without proof


James: This is James.

Me: Hi, it's me. Guess what this one said?

James: What?

Me: "High yellow saddity bitch." Or something like that.

James: (laughing) For what post?

Me: The one about prom.


James: Hello?

Me: Some guy named "PuertoRock" called me a "foul, dirty whore."

James: For which post?

Me: The post about being a tease.


James: Hello?

Me: "Cynthia" thinks I don't like dark skinned girls.

James: What??? How did she get that?

Me: She assumed that from the post "Stuck and Unfinished."


James: Hello?

Me: According to "Anonymous", I am the reason why my senior prom was so bad. He said it was due to all of my bitching.

James: (laughing) I'll check it out.

Writing is a form of sharing information. It is also a form of entertainment. It is a place to share ideas.

You are welcome to share your ideas with me. In fact, I want you to talk to me, write me, read me.

I do not want you to disrespect me. My blog is not a place for you to let out your aggression towards women and your dislike of any woman speaking her mind.

And besides, if you do feel the need to disrespect me, at least leave your real name. And your address. So I know where to find you.

What is the most interesting comment you have received on your blog?

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