Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Necessary Objects

For the first time in my life, I need a man. I absolutely need James.

Life would be so hard without him. He does all of the hard, dirty work, while I sit there and worry. He's a doer, a mover, a motivater.

On the other hand, he thinks that I do too much. I don't think I do enough.

Life before James was hard. I felt like I was floating, spinning through my life without a safety net. Now, I know that if I spin too fast, he'll be there to catch me.

Now, I know that men are necessary.

What do you think?

Are Men Necessary?

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Because of You

You were there, in the beginning. You told my mom that you wanted her to have your baby. Even though you were married when she met you, you promised her it would be different.

So there I was. Your daughter. Your little girl. But mom and I weren't enough. You lasted 2 years, and then you were gone.

So I wonder:

Would I have had so many boyfriends if you were a part of my life?

Would I have made so many mistakes with boys, letting them use me for their pleasure, if you were a part of my life?

Would I have believed him, had his baby, married him, and let him abuse me, over and over, if you were a part of my life?

Would I be so scared now, to commit to another man, if you would have been a part of my life?

What kind of woman would I be today, if you would have been a part of my life?

I will never, ever know.

Where's Your Daddy?

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There Is No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

In my daughter's 4 short years on this planet, she's asked some very, um, interesting questions, such as:

"Why don't I have 6 fingers?" Answer: Because we would look like aliens if we did.

"When you die, what's going to happen to your car?" Answer: Hopefully, my car will die before I do. Hey, are you trying to get dibs on the Cadi already?

"Candy is bad for you and makes your teeth fall out....(3 minutes later)...Can I have a piece of candy Mommy?" Answer: No.

"Will I look like you when I'm a grown up?" Answer: Yes. But hopefully you'll be taller.

"Why doesn't my daddy like Jimmy (James Manning)?" Answer: Because he's a jealous, insecure asshole who feels intimidated because of his innate shortcomings. Oops...Did I say that out loud?

"Why do I have to go to school? I don't want to go to school. Why can't I stay home?" Answer: You want to end up like your dad? Oops...said it out loud again.

"When I get older can I wear a bikini like you?" Answer: No. Well, ok, but only if you're married.

"I don't see God anywhere. Can he see me?" Answer: Yeah. So you better be good.

"Can I marry you?" Answer: No, honey. That's just weird. And illegal. Next question.

"Will you always love me?" Answer: Always.

I wish I was a kid again, full of curiosity and wonder. What did you wonder about when you were a child?

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cereal Killer

Recently I went to the grocery store. We were in need of cereal.

Froot Loops were on sale. "Oooh, Froot Loops," I said, grabbing the box. My daughter just looked at me.

"You don't understand," I told her. "When I was little, Grandma never let me eat any cereal with sugar."

"But you let me Mommy! I love you Mommy! Can we have cereal for dinner?"

"No, absolutely not," I answered, frowning.

20 minutes later we were home, and I was breaking into the box of cereal.

I carried the bowl into the living room.



"What are you eating?"

"Oh, this? Just cereal."

"Give me some. Please."

I gave her a spoonful.

"I don't like milk in my cereal, Mommy."

"What are you, some kind of alien? You have to eat cereal with milk."

"I'm telling on you! You said something mean!"

"Sorry. I'm just trying to help you understand the science of cereal. Cereal needs milk."

What's the best cold cereal of all time?

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Love Below

Soon after James and I met he said, "You have a nice ATW."

"What is that?" I asked.

" A nice ass-to-waist ratio."

"Oh," I said blushing.

"Yeah, you know. Your hips are bigger than your waist, giving you that shape."

"Ok, thanks, " I mumbled. "But really, I don't like my butt. I think it's too big for my body."

I'm not very big. I got my small frame from my mom. I have my father's side of the family to thank for the butt.

I too find myself looking at women's bodies and measuring their ass-to-waist ratio. If they were to buy jeans from the Gap, would they buy curvy or straight?

I have a hard time finding pants that fit me. They are too big in the waist, and too small in the butt and hips. Levi's are the only jeans that fit me well, and only the low cut waist so that they can sit on my hips.

Men love a woman with a curvy body. When Salma Hayek appeared on the screen during the Oscars, suddenly James seemed very interested in what she had to say. I asked him a question, and he mumbled some hard to hear remark back to me, whispering "Oh yeah, Salma, I think I know who she is...uh huh..."

Why Do Men Love Butts? And What Do They Want To Do To Them?

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

F***ing Cowards

as·sump·tion : Something taken for granted or accepted as true without proof


James: This is James.

Me: Hi, it's me. Guess what this one said?

James: What?

Me: "High yellow saddity bitch." Or something like that.

James: (laughing) For what post?

Me: The one about prom.


James: Hello?

Me: Some guy named "PuertoRock" called me a "foul, dirty whore."

James: For which post?

Me: The post about being a tease.


James: Hello?

Me: "Cynthia" thinks I don't like dark skinned girls.

James: What??? How did she get that?

Me: She assumed that from the post "Stuck and Unfinished."


James: Hello?

Me: According to "Anonymous", I am the reason why my senior prom was so bad. He said it was due to all of my bitching.

James: (laughing) I'll check it out.

Writing is a form of sharing information. It is also a form of entertainment. It is a place to share ideas.

You are welcome to share your ideas with me. In fact, I want you to talk to me, write me, read me.

I do not want you to disrespect me. My blog is not a place for you to let out your aggression towards women and your dislike of any woman speaking her mind.

And besides, if you do feel the need to disrespect me, at least leave your real name. And your address. So I know where to find you.

What is the most interesting comment you have received on your blog?

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