Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Naughty Princess

In my freshmen year of college I met a young woman from Anaheim, California.

Within the first day of my newfound friendship, she shared with me that on the weekends she worked at Disneyland as a "sweeper", you know--the teenagers with a small broom and a metal dustbin, busily sweeping up others' trash.

"It's really boring," she told me. "What I really want to do at Disneyland is be Cinderella. I mean, I have the blonde hair and blue eyes. I want to be Cinderella! Doesn't that sound like a great life?"

Actually, it did. She would be able to walk around Disneyland all day, pretending to be a very popular princess. Girls would love her, look up to her, and mimic her every move.

What kind of princess would I make? Unfortunately, Disney doesn't have too many princesses with dark curly hair and brown skin, except for Jasmine...but I don't find Aladdin attractive and that Genie would get on my nerves after a while.

And besides, I would be a very naughty princess. They definitely would have to lock me in a tall tower, cut off my hair, feed me a poisoned apple, and put me into a deep sleep for 100 years.

When you were young, who was your favorite princess/cartoon character?

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