Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You Are My Puppet

I am the mother of a young girl. A girl who very much looks and acts like me. For example:

When I laugh, she laughs.

When I cry, she cries.

When I wear a black skirt with a green top, she wears a black skirt with a green top (except her top has a big heart on it or something).

When I have a headache, she has a headache.

When I don't eat red meat, she doesn't eat red meat.

When I have PMS, she has PMS...

Whoa, this parenting thing is getting kind of weird.

Thank God I'm not one of those "Sex-orgy havin', pill poppin', crack smokin', rubber and leather wearin' (with a whip)" kind of mom. Because if I was-I'd have one hell of an interesting daughter.

Are You a Mommy or Daddy?

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