Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sing Happy Birthday With Me

We interrupt your normally blogging experience to bring you a special announcement from Jaimie's other half and the author of Peace on That.


I'm James, Jaimie's boyfriend. You know, the guy that hates Jaimie's cats, talks too much about politics and irks Jaimie with caveman ways. That's me. The love of her life and the thorn in her side :)

Anyway, Jaimie is busy so I decided to hijack her diary to wish her a Happy Birthday. Yes, today is Jaimie's birthday. So today we celebrate the birth of a beautiful woman. I know many of you have grown fond of Jaimie through this blog. I will tell you that she is an extraordinary woman with a very kind heart. She truly is my best friend and I know that I am a blessed man to have her in my life. And this week, Jaimie's life is what we are going to celebrate! Say it with me.


The celebration started last night with dinner and tonight I plan to dance a jig while butt naked and covered with barbecue sauce. A messy proposition... BUT INSPIRING! And you're worth it, Doll.

In closing, I just ask that you celebrate this day with us by adding words of wisdom and encouragement. Send her some positive energy. Ok, I'm going to leave you now and return to my Bush-bashing rants. Ya'll have a good day. Thanks for ya time.

- James

Thank you. We now return you to your normal blogging experience already in progress.

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