Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sex Books

My dad didn't say much to me when I was growing up, mostly because he wasn't really around. But one thing that he did say always stayed with me:

"You better stay in school. You might lose your money or your job or your house. But no one can ever take your education away."

It helped that both of my parents were college-educated, and it also helped that both of my parents were teachers.

What did not help was that I was boy-crazy.

"Are you going to study tonight?" the boy at the time would ask.

"Yes," I would answer.

"No, come over. My mom's not home."

Sex or study? Sex or study? Sex or...

Study. Somehow I managed to handle both. And when those college acceptance letters came rolling in, I knew that I made high school a success.

I knew that I had made my father proud, even though he wasn't there to see me return the acceptance letter back to my university of choice with my signature at the bottom.

And now that I am a teacher, I tell the students at my school how important it is to stay.

No one can ever take your education away.

Did you like school?

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