Monday, January 30, 2006

One Flew Over

A friend recently sent me an email. She had just come from a funeral. A funeral of a 23 year old kindergarten teacher who was stabbed to death by her boyfriend.

Imagine what her parents are going through. Imagine what her students are feeling...

And the boyfriend? He set himself on fire, but the police found him. He's in the hospital.

Why did he do this?

She found out that he was seeing another woman behind her back and she broke up with him. So he killed her.

Which got me to thinking...who is crazier? A woman who is jilted, or a man? We all remember "Fatal Attraction", with that crazed Glenn Close going nuts because she was only a screw, not a love, of Michael Douglas. But really, who is crazier?

Remember, men start started the hated war that we are involved in today.

In my opinion, men are more likely to go crazy when a lover leaves them. Men are innately more violent than women. Men are taught to be "tough", not to cry, and to always be "one up" on the competition.

And besides...

there are more restraining orders filed against men than are filed against women.


When Jilted, Who's Crazier? A Man, or A Woman?

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