Monday, January 09, 2006

Chop, Chop, Sleep, Sleep

When we first meet someone new, we never know if they will chop us up into neat tidy pieces with a machete, or become the love of our lives.

After getting to know James, he asked me if I felt safe with him. “Right now I do,” I said. “But how do I know you won’t cut me up and put me in a box and throw me in the ocean?”
“Well, damn, that’s terrible,” he said, shocked.

Fortunately, James did not chop me up, and instead, has been quite nice to me. My favorite thing to do with James is sleep, just simply sleep.

The first night that James and I slept together, I slept like I never had before. I did not wake up once, except to snuggle closer to him. I felt so safe with him.

James and I don’t always snuggle. Sometimes I tell him to get off of my pillow when his elbows are in my ears. But usually, on most nights, we are in each others' arms. My favorite position to sleep in is my back to his stomach, his hand on my hair, rubbing it from roots to end.

Who is/was your favorite person to sleep with?

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