Saturday, December 24, 2005

Would You Like A Box For That?

Dear Box Makers,

Once, at a D'Angelo concert at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, I wore a black leather top, black skirt, black heels, and long, feathered earrings. I also had dark black eyeliner on. When I approached the bar, one of the bartenders whispered to the other bartender on duty, "Mexican Goth."

Mexican Goth?

me: Hi. I would like a glass of red wine please.

bartender: Sure. (pours wine)

me: I heard what you said.

bartender: (clears throat) Excuse me?

me: I heard what you said-"Mexican Goth."

bartender: Oh I was just-

me: Just what? Labeling me?

bartender: Well, no. I mean, well, you are Mexican, right?

me: No.

bartender: Oookkaayyy...well, are you into Goth music?

me: No.

bartender: (red in the face) Sorry.

me: (says nothing, takes wine, walks away).

Don't label us. Take us out of your neat little box. Life means much more to us than black, white, Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Latino, European, poor, rich, middle class, smart, stupid, Republican, Democrat, alien (illegal or extraterrestrial), Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Jew.

Take us out of your box, and amazing things may occur. We might actually like you.


The Box Breakers

What Kind of Box Do People Put You In?

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