Thursday, December 15, 2005

White Boys Don't Lie

When I was in college, I lived in a coed dorm. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. I envisioned women running through the hall in their bras and panties, and horny 18 year old boys chasing them. In reality, most of us kept to ourselves, studying like crazy.

My roommate was this really happy chick named Christie. She had long blonde hair that cascaded down her back, and she liked to go jogging at 2:oo in the morning. She had a huge crush on our neighbor, who like her, had blonde hair and was definitely the "surfer type." His name was Joel.

Joel had no interest in Christie, but he was very interested in letting me use his laptop computer. Because I was broke, I didn't have the luxury of a computer in my dorm room, but Joel did. He would offer his computer, and even provided the paper so that I could print out my essays in his room.

Printing out essays in his proximity soon turned into dining together for dinner in the cafeteria. We would eat together, laughing at how terrible college food was. Eating together turned into sitting on the bed in either one of our dorm rooms watching "The Simpsons." Watching "The Simpsons" turned into him inviting me to a "frat party."

"Sorry," I replied. "I don't do those."

Joel: Why not?

me: The last thing I want to do is be around a bunch of drunk, horny white boys. I mean, you're cool, but the rest of them... (stuck my tongue out)

Joel: I'll take care of you. Come on, you'll have fun.

Well, Joel did take care of me, in a sense. During the party he consistently kept running back to me, checking to see how I was doing. Each time he came to me, he was drunker and drunker. When we reached the dorm, we rode up the elevator and walked down the hall in silence.

me: (turning key in lock) Well, I had a great time. Thanks.

Joel: Jaimie?

me: Yes?

Joel: Don't go yet. Come inside me room...

We went to his room, and then layed on his bed, without touching one another. Finally, he spoke.

Joel: I love you. I've loved you since the first time I saw you.

me: What? You're just drunk. You're kidding right?

Joel: No.

me: This could never work-you're so, well white. I mean, none of your friends are even brunettes. Everyone's so damn blonde. We would never work. (sits up)

Joel: (pulls my hand) Please, give me a chance.

And so I did-I gave him a chance. Joel and I left Los Angeles the next semester and traveled to Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. We never talked about the future; we knew we would never be married and raise little blonde, dark tan children. What we did know was that life was too short to miss out on someone cool, just because their hair and skin was a shade lighter or darker than our own.

Have you ever dated someone of a different race?

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