Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Temple of My Familiar

I am a Christian. I have always been a Christian.

I've forgotten. Actually, I've forgotten quite often. I have forgotten what my mother has taught me, and what years in church have taught me.

I got distracted. Distracted by the teenage years, the boyfriends, the marriage, the child. And then I remembered-I remembered my personal temple. I remembered my Father and my best friend. I remembered what He did for me.

My mother is a Christian, but when I was old enough to understand she said, "You can believe whatever you want. You can follow your own faith, your own path. But Jesus was and is real."

Every Christmas my mother would let me arrange the manger scene that sat on our coffee table. After I would set up Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the animals, and the wise men, I would look proudly at it and skip away. My mother always rearranged the figurines properly, but I didn't care. Jesus' birthplace was my very own doll house.

In high school I went to Church Camp. We would sing, play games, and kiss. We kissed a lot at Church Camp. There was a spot in the woods called "Inspiration Point" and this is where we would meet. I felt ashamed and wondered if He was mad at me, while my lips touched another's.

My faith is unexplainable. How do you explain to a non-believer that a woman became pregnant with the Son of God without having sex , raised the Son of God, the Son died for my sins, was resurrected, and will return and bring me to a Kingdom of Heaven? The truth is: I don't understand myself. I can't explain such occurrences.

I only have The Temple of My Familiar. And He knows my heart.

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