Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sol Mates

I met my best friend AlmaSol (which translates to Soul of the Sun) at Gymboree, a ridiculously expensive playground for children. I would take my daughter there alone while my ex-husband sat in front of the television, not moving.

When I first met AlmaSol she said, "You're daughter's cute. What's her name?" "Stella," I answered. Her daughter was adorable too, and I asked, "What's your daughter's name?" "Bella," she answered. We were instantly friends.

"Are you married?" she asked, when we went to lunch one day after the play date. "Yes," I said. "Are you?" "Yeah," she answered, "But I want a divorce."


We shared our horror stories, comparing whose husband was worse. Finally, AlmaSol divorced her Lucifer, and soon after, I divorced my Satan. We were single moms, together.

Babysitters were called, nights out were held, play dates existed, phone calls were made regularly, new homes were found, along with new loves who loved us right. Through it all, she remains my inspiration, my light, my friend.

Who Is Your Best Friend?

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