Monday, December 12, 2005

The Princess and The Neanderthal

Many of you know James. You know that he is my boyfriend. You think How sweet, a cute little blogging couple. Please. We drive each other crazy.

Here's Why:

1. I am a bit, well how should I say this-ok, I'll just come right out with it-A HIGH MAINTENANCE PRINCESS. James is low, low, low bottom of the barrel maintenance.

2. I am very clean (in fact, I think I might be slightly obsessive compulsive with my cleanliness). James is a walking messy tornado.

3. I like things done my way. James will do things any old way he pleases and doesn't seem to notice the way I've been doing it for 29 years.

4. James has been a bachelor his whole adult life. He has no concept of changing a toilet paper roll, not leaving dirty socks in the living room, or throwing old food away.

When I first met James he told me that all of his female friends called him a Neanderthal. "What? You're such a nice guy!" I said. "You'll figure it out soon enough," he told me.

After I felt comfortable enough with James I opened up and was honest with him. "I have panic attacks," I told him. "Do you know what that means?" "I think so," he said, "But explain it to me anyway." He listened intently, and I knew then that he was someone who cared and would never leave my side.

Yes, James is a Neanderthal, but he's such a wonderful, giving, caring Caveman. He understands me, he soothes me, he balances my anxiety with his calmness and optimism.

Now if I could just get him to use a napkin...

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