Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Daughter Likes Hookers

Dear Bratz Girl,

You're a tramp. A hooker. A slut.

Why in the world would parents allow their little girls to play with you? Look at you-you belong on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, or in Inglewood on Prairie and Imperial Highway. You look like a blow-up doll that can be found at the nearest sex shop, not my daughter's bedroom.

Let's look at your various attire:

1. I call this the "I'm on my way to the S & M club in east Hollywood to be whipped and strangled" outfit.

2.This is the "I'm gonna play golf with my rich, married sugar daddy and then let him do whatever he wants with me" outfit. And finally, 3. The "female pimp with an attitude" outfit.

Now, of course, my daughter innocently begs for you to be a part of her toy collection. As long as we are buying her toys, this will never happen.

I agree with one of my favorite comics, Chris Rock: Now that I have a daughter, my main goal in life is to "keep her off the pole" (the stripper pole, that is). No clear heels for this kid o' mine. This will be a challenge, seeing that there are dolls like you tempting my child to be a slut, but we will survive the Bratz temptation.


A Very Concerned (and able to see the humor) Mom

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