Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Memories of the Way They Were

A girlfriend once told me that the perfect breast size could fit into a wine glass. These were an exact description of the size of my breasts. She and I wore the exact same bra size, except that she decided to display her breasts nightly in a strip club, and I kept mine discreet behind warm sweaters.

I am considered petite, so my breasts fit me well. They were not too big or too small, and I could wear a triangle bikini top with ease. I could even get away without wearing a bra at all, mostly because my breasts seemed to always sit up. Gravity was kind to me.

The life of my breasts changed after I had my daughter. I chose to breastfeed, so for 14 months, my breasts were the size of cantelopes. I found it difficult to wear my regular clothes without looking obscene. I should have been able to keep the cantelopes, because what followed was not pretty.

Beautiful cantelopes drastically changed to limp pancakes. "Where are my breasts?" I wondered, while looking in the mirror. I would constantly push them up with my hands, longing for the perkiness that they once contained. Suddenly a small, polite voice entered my mind. "Maybe you should start wearing padded bras," it whispered. Oh.

After purchasing 3 padded bras, I wore one out to a night of wine tasting. "I like," my friend said, poking my newly padded breast. "New bra?" she asked. "Do you mind?" I asked, brushing her hand away. "And yes, it is new." "I can't live without my padded bra," she began. "Especially when it's cold. I hate the erect nipple look." I nodded my head in agreement while sipping Merlot.

James always says with a smirk, "They look fine to me, doll. Come here and let me take a look." Men are not very covert.

So now, here I am, with my breasts-my new breasts-that I have grown accustomed to. And I still look good in a bikini, kinda.

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