Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I Changed My Mind

How many men have I chased? Countless.

How many men have broken my heart? Embarrassingly many.

How many men have I made cry?

Do you really want to know?

Ok-I'll tell you about one.

There was a young man in high school who liked me. He liked me a lot. I didn't realize it. I didn't know that he called me every night and talked to me until midnight on the phone because he liked me. I just thought we were friends. I didn't know that when we got off of the phone and he said, "I love you," he really meant it.

He was like a brother to me, not a boyfriend. He was attractive, but I wasn't attracted to him. He was nice, but too nice for me. And when he told me that his best friend would be perfect for me, I really didn't think anything of his love for me.

And after his best friend and I got together, and actually loved each other, he cried. "I don't understand," I said to him over the phone. "You said he and I were perfect together! You wanted me to be with him!"

"I changed my mind," he said. "You should have been with me."

Whose Heart Have You Broken?

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