Wednesday, December 07, 2005


You wouldn't know it now, because I am such an upstanding American citizen, but I used to shoplift.

My best friend in high school started the trend. "Come on, Jaimie," she would taunt. "It's just lipstick." She was right, it was just lipstick, and would anyone really notice? No one seemed to, so one tube of lipstick turned into 3-straight into my pocket.

After we grew tired of "Wet N' Wild", we moved onto clothes. Our favorite store to steal from was "Rampage"-the staple clothing store for fashion-conscious teenagers. Somehow I would manage to steal entire outfits-I would walk out of the store with them on my back. Sometimes I would buy a cheap bracelet as a distraction for the salesgirl, and fortunately, never got caught.

My mom soon noticed my new clothes. "Where did that come from?" she would ask, confused. "Oh, I'm just borrowing it from (name withheld). Do you like it?" I would ask, twirling around. "It's nice," she would say, eyeing me over her book.

One of our friends did get caught stealing. She attempted to steal from Urban Outfitters, which was no-man's land as far as we were concerned. She gave us horrid details of her ordeal: she was put into a dark basement office and interrogated and threatened; the police were called, who in turn took her to the police station; her dad was then called, and she was prohibited from ever entering the store again. Shudder. I needed my Urban Outfitters. No more shoplifting for me.

Now, as an adult, I would never steal anything. And if I ever found out my daughter was a shoplifter, I would ground her for life. Why did I do something so stupid, something so wrong? What was so thrilling about taking something that didn't belong to me?

Going to jail is not hilarious.

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