Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Corporate Bitch

This is not me. I do not work in the corporate world, because believe me, if I did, I would be the biggest bitch in the world.

Corporations are usually run by men. I am a teacher- a female dominated profession. Although I have a principal and assistant principal to answer to (along with that damn idiot from Austria named Arnold), I am the leader of my classroom. My students look up to me, respect me, think I'm "so cute" and they "like my shoes" and bring me flowers and apples every day.

Excuse me while I daydream a little bit...excuse me while I imagine a day in Corporate America...

1. I would have to wake up, take a shower, and put on pantyhose and high heeled pumps. Ouch.

2. I would have to drive all the way to downtown LA. Traffic. Yuck.

3. I would have to take an elevator up to the 255th floor, even though I have claustrophobia and fear of heights. Scary.

4. I would have to deal with some slimy, married prick eying me up and down and asking me for out for "a glass of wine after work. Come on, no one will know." Sexual Harrassment.

5. I would then have to go to bed, and wake up the next morning and do all of it again, with only 2 weeks of vacation. Burnout.

Go ahead, laugh. Your boss won't hear you (but he may ask you out tonight).

Do you work in Corporate America?

This post is for creative purposes only and is in no way indicative of what Corporate America is really like.

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