Thursday, December 08, 2005

Closer To My Dreams

There's a story to this song. Yes-that song. The one playing right now. The one moving you. You're listening to her lyrics, and relating. I did the same once upon a time.

2 days after I made my ex-husband leave my home I emailed an ex-boyfriend/good friend and told him he was gone. He told me to meet him for lunch the next day.

We met and discussed the horror of my marriage. The lies. The abuse. The mistakes.

2 days after, that he gave me a CD. "Who is this?" I asked, looking at the face on the CD. "Her name is Goapele," he said. "Listen to her CD. She's good."

I took the CD home and listened to it everyday. Actually, I listened to one particular song every day. This song-the one playing.

"Closer" is about growing closer to a dream. Leaving the fears behind and moving on. Going higher and higher, feeling it in your sleep. Sometimes it feels like I'm stuck forever. But I'm going higher. Closer to my dream.

She saved me. Goapele saved me at a time when I felt so scared of the unknown. Scared of life without someone who was killing my spirit anyway. Her voice made me realize that it is possible to go higher than where we are today.

Music can move you. Music can make you feel stronger than you did yesterday. Music is amazingly wonderful.

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