Wednesday, November 23, 2005

You Used To Have A Face

Dear Fat Turkey on the Farm,

This is to let you know that I decided to become a vegetarian this summer, after taking a weekend health class at UCLA and discovering that the way you digest in my stomach is by rotting there.

It didn't happen suddenly. I found myself slowly weaning myself away from you. I would look at raw meat and imagine where you came from, and wonder what you were doing right before your head was cut off. I would chew you without desire, swallowing the piece hard and feeling a lump in my stomach. I began to find it hard to eat anything with a face and a mommy.

At my UCLA class there was a pretty young woman who I talked to the last day of the seminar. We ate lunch together and both picked up the "veggie lunch in a bag." "Oh, you're a vegetarian too?" she asked. "Yeah, I think so..." I said. She gave me a funny look and said, "Here, let me talk to you."

She then began telling me about all the healthy things she and her boyfriend ate regularly, and I had to admit it all sounded wonderful. Well, let me explain: I do eat healthy. I had no choice. I was trained as a child.

In my childhood home, there was absolutely no: butter, soda, Kool-Aid, cereal with sugar, or Cheetos, and that's just to name a few. Occasionally my mom would buy me a Snickers Candy Bar, but I wouldn't eat it right away. I would put it in the freezer to eat the next day, but it was always missing the next morning. "Have you seen my Snickers?" I would ask my mom, peering into the freezer. "Oh yeah," my mom would say absently. "I'll get you another one."

Once I was living on my own, I stacked my fridge with soda and butter. Potato chips of all varieties were in the pantry, and I ate french fries at least twice a week. After a while, the desire to eat naughty lost its appeal and I found myself eating healthy again, despite my attempt to be dangerous with food.

Since going "veggie" I have had many dreams about sausages (usually they are chasing me). The other night my daughter asked me for a piece of ham. I got it out for her and had the strongest desire to take a bite out of it, but I didn't.

The funny part is that I really don't like vegetables. I hate broccolli! (What are those things?They are like eating trees.) I also hate brussel sprouts. (They are like small balls of vomit). But, despite it all, I do love my body and my health, and the thought of rotting meat in my stomach just doesn't appeal to me anymore.

I don't know how long this vegetarian diet will last, but I know that I have no desire now to eat anything that used to get up and walk.

I hope that you can forgive me for all of the pigs, chickens, cows, and turkeys that I have eaten in my lifetime.


P.S. Fish don't count.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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