Wednesday, November 16, 2005

You Need to Be Beat-Up

This man had the audacity to make a comment on my blog, asking me to email him so that he could put me on the VIP list for the Conga Room (Jennifer Lopez's club) in LA. Check out his profile.

After reading the latest post on this purely ignorant man's blog I gathered:

1. He obviously did not read one word of my blog. If he would have, he would have discovered that I am an intelligent, independent woman and would never use his ignorant ass to get inside of a club.

2. He obviously is a woman hater.

3. He may have a penis, but he's not a real man.

4. He has no faith in God.

5. His mama didn't raise him right.

6. He's ghetto as hell.

7. In his opinion, all women are bitches that need to be "pimped." Asshole-you're the bitch who needs to pimped.

Jaimie, the Kindergarten Teacher (and feminist), is a little upset right now.

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