Sunday, November 13, 2005

You Made Me Sick

Dear Mean Korean Man Who Manages the Korean Market on the corner of 6th and Western,

You don't know me, but about 4 years ago, I vomited in your store in the dairy aisle. You were always very rude to me, waving me away if I ever asked you a question about where a product may be located. Actually, you were quite an asshole.

I used to live in Korea Town, near downtown Los Angeles. I would walk to your market often to buy my groceries. I did not shop in your store because it offered low prices or quality products, but rather because it was the only market within a mile of my art-deco apartment. Actually, your prices were quite high and your produce was usually rotten-but that's for another time.

I would walk through your market, paying about 20% more for products that I could buy at another grocery store for much less. I would often pass your meat and fish department. Most of the meat was in a meat case, safely behind glass, but for some reason you chose to display loose fish heads, tails, and guts in huge bins on ice. Koreans would stop by the bins, pick up fish guts, and place them in a plastic bag to use for soup and other dishes. I would keep on walking.

It was on one particular day that I did not keep on walking. I went through the produce department and was lucky to find some fruit without bruises and mold. I walked towards the meat and fish department, as I usually do. But this time, I had a different reaction.

I stood in front of the fish guts, and for some reason I couldn't look away. The smell of dead fish was so strong, it almost put me in a trance. Suddenly, the fish heads merged into one big smelly, blank-eyed blur. The fish guts in the other bin began to look like a bloody, disjointed mess. I tried to look away, but it was no use. The vomit was already in my throat.

I walked quickly down to the dairy aisle and threw up right there, all over the milk. Nobody saw me. You did not even know it was me.

I wiped the remaining vomit off of my mouth with a kleenex and quickly walked down the dairy aisle. I stood in line and purchased my products. I heard a voice over the loudspeaker speaking in Korean, and I imagine that they must have said "Clean up in dairy!" because I saw a man rushing past me with a mop.

After purchasing my food I walked over to your little counter, where you always sat, reading a magazine. I spoke to you, but you never looked up.

me: Sir?

Mean Korean Man: What?

me: Have a nice day.

Mean Korena Man: Humph. (waves me away with his hand)

Life is gross, and hilarious.



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