Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where's My Little Baby?

I interviewed my 3 year old daughter today.

me: What do you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Stella: What is that?

me: Never mind. Do you have a boyfriend?

Stella: Yeah. My boyfriend was here yesterday. He left at night. He went home late. My boyfriend and I are going to live together when we get married.

me: Where are you going to live?

Stella: In a big palace. You can be the evil queen and live with us. My boyfriend got a little owie right here (points to eye). I mean, his brother got an owie. Why are you pointing that thing at me (points to tape recorder)?

me: What's your favorite food?

Stella: Spaghetti.

me: You hate spaghetti.

Stella: I mean noodles. I don't like noodles. I mean quesadilla. My sister's an actor (Stella doesn't have a sister). She's going to be on t.v. today, at night time. Tonight. Today. She's the best girl in my life. Put that thing down (points to tape recorder).

me: What's your favorite toy?

Stella: Umm..huh-my dishes. I like to make cake.

me: Who's your best friend?

Stella: Kassidy, Sierra, Sarah, and Rebecca. They're the best. We're friends a lot.

me: Are they nice to you?

Stella: Yeah. Rebecca says "na, na, na, na, na, na". When she pushed me...she pushed me too! She got on time out. I telled on her. Ms. Roni (Stella's teacher) always says "Use your words." Sierra wants to marry my boyfriend. She stole my boyfriend. That's mean, huh?

Lessons Learned from a 3 Year Old:

1. Keep your windows unlocked so that your boyfriend can sneak out without your parents knowing.
2. All moms are potential evil queens.
3. It's ok to be indecisive about food.
4. It's ok to have imaginary family members.
5. It's ok to like to be in the kitchen, baking cakes.
6. Girls can not be trusted.
7. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an inanimate object.

Thanks Stella, and thanks to Glo for the idea.

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