Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pervert Journal

This year at my school, for the first time ever, we have a security guard. When I first heard the announcement that our school would have a security guard, my first thought was Why? I work at an elementary school, for God's sake. Granted, it is in Inglewood, but a security guard seemed so unnecessary.

Within a week of being on his new job, the security guard knew my name. "Hello, Ms. L-," he would say under his breath every time he passed me. I immediately got a creepy feeling. Yuck. Then I started noticing the stares from him-stares that were lasting too long and were practically dripping with slime.

Last week he told me (under his breath again), "You look pretty today, Ms. L. You look pretty every day Ms. L." EEEEWWWW!!!! Get away from me, pervert.

Monday our school district's personnel came to hand out our paychecks. The office manager called every classroom to notify us that she was there. Mr. Security Guard decided to come to my classroom to tell me personally. "Uh, your check is here." "I already know that," I answered.

This morning, bright and early, he walked towards me in the hallway. Unfortunately, no one else was around to witness his latest endevour to attempt to make me file a sexual harrassment claim. "Did you rest well last night, Ms. L?" "What?" I asked, just to make sure I heard him correctly. He repeated his idiotic question and smirked. I'm about to stab this man.

After talking to my co-teacher about the pervert on campus, she suggested that I ask another teacher, Ms. F, if she has had similar experiences with him. She figured Ms. F was a good candidate for possible sexual harrassment from this man because she and I look similar. I called her in her classroom.

Ms. F: Hello?
me: Hi. J-?
Ms. F: Yes.
me. Hi. It's Ms. L- How are you?
Ms. F: Fine. And you?
me: Good. I was just wondering you get the feeling that our security guard is a perv?
Ms. F: Oh God, yes. You too?
me: Yes. (I start telling her all the things he's done).
Ms. F: He's so gross. He's creepy. He came in my classroom too.
me: I mean, I don't want to get the man fired. I just want him to stop looking at me and talking to me.
Ms. F: Maybe he needs to get fired. (she laughed)

So I've decided to keep a Pervert Journal. Every time this man says something out of line it will be documented in my Pervert Journal. I will share this Pervert Journal with my school principal when the time is right. You can't be a pervert around me and get away with it!

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