Sunday, November 27, 2005

Nutcases-Gotta Love 'Em

There's something about me that attracts the nutcases. I have met many...but none quite like the one I encountered when I went to the dentist's office last week.

I parked my car outside of the dentist office, which is one of many businesses in a strip mall. As I was getting out of my car, a young woman was walking out of the beauty supply store located next to the dentist office. She was laughing hysterically, saying "Ha! Ha! Ha!" quite loudly. I walked into the dentist office and she followed me in.

I sat down and she sat next to me and instantly started ranting:

crazy woman: Did you just pass me outside?

me: Yes.

crazy woman: Did you hear what just happened inside that fucking store?

me: No. I just saw you walking out and laughing.

crazy woman: Yeah, well the guy behind the counter just called me a 'fucking tramp bitch' because I wouldn't buy anything.

me: Really?

crazy woman: Yeah, and I told him to 'Fuck off you fucking Korean.' I hate Koreans. I said, 'Fuck you-that's why you work behind a fucking counter, fucker.' Fuck him. Then his mom and dad came out and looked like they were about to shoot me or some shit. Man, fuck them! Then he said, 'Get the fuck out of my store bitch', and I said 'Fuck you. That's why I make all this money. (pulls out a wad of 20's) 'I got a real job motherfucker.' That's what I told him.

I looked away. Nutcase.

There were several reasons why this situation was completely inappropriate:

1. I'm in the dentist's office, for God's sake.

2. There's a beautiful, young Korean woman standing at the check-in counter.

3. My dentist is Korean.

4. I have no clue who this woman is, but she's talking to me like I care to hear her rant.

The receptionist asked her to stop cursing in the office. "We cater to children too, ma'am. Please stop."

She walked out and started ranting to a man on the sidewalk who just happened to be passing by with headphones on, to tell him the story. He actually stood there and listened.

The Korean woman came and sat down next to me. "What a nutcase!" she said. "Did you hear what she was saying?" I asked. "Yeah, something about Koreans. Did you know our dentist is Korean?" I nodded my head, and we began talking about how we both have had panic attacks in dental chairs.

5 minutes later Nutcase came back into the waiting room. "This bitch better hurry up!" she said, pacing the waiting room. "What bitch?" I asked. "My friend. She's in there getting her tooth fixed, or some shit." Again, nutcase.

Fortunately, I was called to take my x-rays. I looked back at Nutcase and she was nervously chewing her nails and her eyes were bugged out.

Nutcases are kinda hilarious, if you know how to deal with them properly.

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