Saturday, November 05, 2005

Nelly and His Plans to Corrupt Kindergartners

Dear Nelly,

One day, about 2 weeks ago, my kindergarten class went outside to recess. I let them go to the "big park" on Fridays. The kids always get so excited about this, because they get to leave the safe kindergarten playground to get pushed, shoved, and knocked over on the big playground with the first and second graders.

I never take my students to recess. My co-teacher does this for me. As usual, she took them to the big playground. Upon returning, she entered the room as the kids followed her and said, "Listen to Daniela, Ms. L. Listen to what she's singing."

Daniela is a sweet and innocent child, and quite adorable. She also speaks very little English.

Daniela: (singing) It's gettin hot in hair...take off all you clothes...I am get so hat Ima take me clothes off...

Oh my god.

I tried my hardest to keep a straight face. "Daniela," I said. "Please don't sing that song inside the classroom." "Porque?" she asked. "Well..." I struggled to find the right words, while the class waited anxiously to hear what I had to say. "It's about getting naked."

She smiled and skipped back to the rug.

This week, while students were doing independent work at their tables, here goes Daniela again, except this time she is accompanied by her backup singers Camille and Ariana:

Daniela, Camille, and Ariana : (singing) It's gettin hot in hair...take off all you clothes...I am get so hat...Ima take me clothes off...

The singing got louder. I let them sing the verse about five times. It took that long for me to get myself together. "Girls!" I said loudly above their singing. "Please stop singing that song in here. What about 'Old MacDonald'?"

"Ok, Ms. L!" the girls answered. They began singing "Old MacDonald" and the whole class joined in.

Nelly, I enjoy your catchy pop-fantastic tunes as much as the next kindergartener, but please, I am hearing songs about getting naked in my kindergarten classroom. Isn't there a better way?

Ms. L
Kindergarten Teacher

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