Friday, November 18, 2005

Joshua and the Bead

Remember Joshua? He was trouble himself. I had to watch Joshua constantly. When I wasn't looking, he would poke other kids, daydream, get into trouble, or do his work incorrectly. When I would test Joshua on the alphabet, he would act as if he did not know one letter of the alphabet. His father told me that he was just "fakin' you out." My, my.

One "Share Day" Joshua brought a picture of his family to share with the class. "This is my mama, and my daddy, and my brothers," he said, pointing to each person in the picture. One of the boys raised his hand and asked Joshua, "Why yo' daddy look like a girl?" In the photograph, Joshua's father had a nice relaxed perm in his hair, which was curled on the ends. "My daddy ain't no girl!" Joshua howled. "It's okay, Joshua," I said, attempting to calm him down. "It's just that some kids have never seen a grown man with long hair before." Joshua scowled at the other boy, who bravely scowled back.

One day, during free time, Joshua chose to go to the jewelry making center in the classroom, where there were various colored beads and strings. While I was attending to another student, one of the girls came up to me. "Ms. L.? Joshua hurt his nose." "What do you mean?" I asked, standing up. "I don't know. He just says his nose hurts," she responded.

I called Joshua over, who looked quite frightened. "What's wrong with your nose?" I asked him suspiciously. "Nothing..." he said, obviously lying. Joshua looked scared. "You better tell me right now what you did to your nose or I'm calling your father!" I threatened. Joshua was deathly afraid of his father, who was an ex-gang member, so this threat always worked.

"I stuck a bead up my nose!" Joshua cried. "And I can't get it out!!!" he wailed. "What? Oh my God!" I said. "Okay, I'm taking you to the nurse. Wait, no first, I want you to breath really hard through your nose. Breathe out through your nose."

Joshua breathed hard, in through his nose. "Ow!" he screamed. "No Joshua! Oh my God! I said breathe out! Breathe out!" Finally, Joshua got the idea. He took a huge breath out through his nose and a bright blue bead came flying out of his nose, landing on the floor.

"Don't you ever do that again!" I commanded. "Okay Ms. L," Joshua said. For a slight moment, a look of remorse actually passed over Joshua's face, but it was soon replaced with a mischievous look. "Remember," I warned. "I'll call your father in a second." Joshua looked down and said, "Yes, Ms.L"

Kids are so hilarious.

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