Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Got Some News

I often let my students orally share anything that is on their mind. They are able to come to the front of the room and talk to the class. One morning, about 5 years ago, our morning share routine went like this:

Student #1: My birthday is today.

me: Your birthday is not today. Your birthday is in March. It is December right now. Thanks for sharing.

Student #2: My dog died.

me: I'm sorry to hear that. It's sad when someone we love dies.

Student #3: I like your shoes.

me: Thanks. I like your shoes too.

Student #4: Is it recess yet?

me: No. Sit down.

Miguel raised his hand. "Yes, Miguel? Would you like to share?" I asked him. "Yes," Miguel answered. "I have something to tell the class." "Okay, come on up."

Miguel walked up carefully to the front of the classroom and stood before everyone.

Miguel: I want to tell everyone that Santa Claus is not real.


me: Uh, Miguel. Who told you that?

Miguel: My brother.

me: Ok, well Miguel, there are a lot of kids in this class who still believe in Santa, but thank you for your sharing.

Miguel: (louder) Santa isn't real!

me: Go sit down Miguel.

I looked at my students. Their mouths were wide open and their eyes were glazed over. Up until that moment, I still kinda believed in Santa Claus. Thanks, Miguel. You are hilarious.

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