Thursday, November 24, 2005

How I Know

The Top Ten Reasons I Know My Man Loves Me:

  1. 1. He moved to LA from Chicago, just to be with me.

2. He'll see any movie that I suggest, and usually likes it.

3. He let his female coworkers drag him on a shopping trip, and while he was there, he bought me a top that I actually like.

4. He deals very well with my panic attacks.

5. He listened to my story about how my tampon was in crooked and didn't flinch.

6. He went to the drug store and bought me a pregnancy test by himself, even though he had to ask the clerk, "Uh, would the pregnancy tests be with the tampons and pads?"

7. He makes me pancakes at night.

8. He does "airplane" with my daughter, even when he's tired.

9. He can freestyle a poem about me off of the top of his head.

10. He's very gentle, but I know he would beat down any man with his bare hands who disrespected me.

ok-and #11: He'll dance naked for me on demand.

How do you know when someone loves you?

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