Friday, November 25, 2005

Good Cop

Cops are not well liked in Los Angeles. Let's look at the reasons why:

1. Cops are known to use racial profiling to arrest people.
2. Cops are known to be "trigger happy".
3. Cops are known to be stressed out and mean.
4. Cops appear to have to meet a daily ticket quota.
5. Cops have been reported to take part in domestic violence in their own homes.

Well, I am here to say that cops aren't all that bad!

About a year ago, I made a right turn at a red light. There were no oncoming cars, so I turned. Big deal. Or so I thought.

Within seconds a cop car was behind me with flashing, red, loud lights. I didn't pull over right away, but kept driving. I didn't know that the flashing, red, loud lights were directed at me. I finally realized that I was in trouble when the cop got on that embarrassing microphone thing and bellowed, "Pull over! Now!"

I instantly pulled over and placed my hands in my lap. Because of #2 on my list, I didn't want the cop to shoot me in the head because my hands were out of sight. He walked over to my window, after checking out the Cadi's license plate. While he was checking out the car, I checked out my reflection. Because of #1 on my list, I had to quickly decide if I looked white, black or Latina. Being bi-racial has its benefits.

me: Hi, Officer. Did I do something wrong?

cop: Yes, you did. You made a right turn when there were signs posted that said "No right turn on red."

me: Really? I didn't see any signs.

cop: There were three signs. How did you not see any of them?

me: I don't know. This is my first time taking this route from work.

cop: Where do you work?

me: In (name withheld). I'm a Kindergarten teacher.

cop: Wow. A teacher. I like teachers. Please show me your license and registration.

I really had no idea where my registration was, but I assumed that it was in the glove compartment, like it always is on those cop shows on t.v. Whew. There it was. I handed it to him and smiled.

He walked over to his police car and called in on that walkie talkie thingie. A minute later he walked over to my car.

cop: Ok. I'll let you go without a ticket, but next time, read the signs.

me: Thanks! Thank you so much!

cop: Sure. I like teachers.

Because of #4 on my list, I was sure that I would receive a ticket and stand before a judge, crying. But no, this cop surprised me, and unlike #3 on my list, he wasn't stressed out or mean.

He may have gone home and beat the hell out of his wife (#5 on my list), but he was nice to me. Good Cop, good. You deserve a biscuit.

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