Sunday, November 06, 2005

America's Next Top Mean Girl

Dear Tyra,

Hi. My name is Jaimie. You don't know me, but you gave me a dirty look and rolled your eyes at me about 8 years ago.

I live in LA-a city of celebrities, beautiful people, and hopefuls. Many would consider me beautiful-which is a nice compliment-but not all that I am about. I have spent many a night in a dance club, bar, trendy restaurant, and have also spent my days in the Beverly Center and on Melrose shopping.

My friends are beautiful too, but like me, this is not what they are about. None of my friends are actresses, models, or hopefuls. Despite this, we had many opportunities to attend parties overflowing with celebrities, simply because we had the right look.

It was at one of these parties that you gave me the evil eye. One of my girls told me about a party on the beach in Marina del Rey. Four of us attended this party. As we were walking into the party, you were walking out with your girlfriends. You looked at me the entire time. Actually, you looked me up and down and rolled your eyes. You looked back at me, assuming that I would have shamefully looked away-but no, I kept my gaze on you. We passed one another and my friends and I entered the party.

I rarely watch t.v. I have never seen America's Next Top Model, but I have heard it is a success. I unfortunately did catch one episode of The Tyra Banks Show. My boyfriend and I watched you discuss bras for 1 hour. Every 5 minutes I would hear a loud thud, turn around, and catch my boyfriend banging his head on our coffee table. Yawn.

You do not know me, but you did feel I was worthy of an eye roll. Tyra, I thank you.


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