Saturday, October 22, 2005

My Man Is SOOOOO Common

My boyfriend and I decided to try out our new shiny plastic credit card that came in the mail. We entered the department store-men's clothes were to the right, women's clothes were to the left. We parted ways without saying much. I began looking at the sweaters, when he came running back to me. "So, uh, what's the budget?" He asked with a hopeful sparkle in his eye. "I don't know," I said. "It's not like we're gonna spend $200 in here." Yeah, right.

45 minutes later he found me amongst the shoes. "How's it going?" he asked. "Good," I answered. "I got this, and this, and this, and...what the hell is that in your hand?" While I was showing him all of my fantastic finds I happened to look up and see what he had picked out. "Oh, these are the things I found," he answered quickly. "What do you think?" He first held up a white sweater with a boring variety of blue lines through the middle. Yawn. Next, he held up a button down black shirt with orange, yellow, and green vertical stripes racing down it. "It looks like a peacock threw up on that shirt!" I exclaimed. He quietly set the shirts down. "Well, what about this?" he asked hopefully. He held up a black vinyl track suit. "My dad wears those." I said. "Let me help you."

I've never shopped for a man before. I mean, I've bought them presents, but I've never shopped for them. This was going to be fun. We walked to the men's department and I found a chocolate brown short-sleeved shirt with button details and a perfect cut. I threw down the jeans he had originally picked up and opted for a distressed jean with a slight green tint to it. I then picked out a soft olive green shirt to wear under the chocolate button down shirt. "I don't know about this," he said doubtfully. "Just try it. I guarantee it will look good."

3 minutes later he emerged looking like a different man. He looked hip and in style, but relaxed and not like he was trying too hard. We also put back my dad's tracksuit and found a black sweatsuit with white piping that had a retro 80's b-boy style to it, but with a mature re-vamp. My boyfriend is 36 but dresses like he's 56. He dresses very safe. It was time for him to dress dangerously.

After leaving the store we were both excited. "I told you I could do it!" I said excitedly. We both left the store happy. After a few quiet moments he said carefully, "Jaimie, I'm going to allow you to dress me for a year. A year, that's all you get. And I want to dress like Common. I like his style." I quickly answered, "Yes! Yes! I love Common's style! You could totally rock that look! When do we start?" My man has found his style. It was always there-it was just hidden behind thick beige turtle neck sweaters and pleated slacks.

Oh, and the theory that we wouldn't spend anywhere near $200? We spent $216, and both went home happy.

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